Sunday, June 29, 2008

Graduation Weekend

We've spent most of the weekend going to graduation parties. Jared's been to some; Lauren and I have been to some; Glen and I; and Glen, Lauren, and I have been to some. I don't think Jared came to any of the ones the rest of the family went to. I guess he's getting old enough to know kids that are graduating this year and wanted to go to their parties. We also attended a piano/flute recital which was great. Erin called and told us that she and Justin have signed a contract on an apartment in Logan. They're excited, it's a fourplex and theirs is a basement apartment, but it's only half way underground - so there are still windows, etc. Cousin Jennifer went with them to Logan to visit one of her friends. They're driving her back to SLC today. Some really exciting news is that Glen and I are getting bedroom funiture. After 23 years of marriage to finally have furniture is really exciting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Letter from Brett in Birmingham

Well today is P-day and well I'm both excited and still exhausted, as you might expect. I think I may still be 4 hours behind instead of the 7 I was behind by. Today we are mailing from the library because that is the closest place where we can use computers. It's about a half mile away. The library its self is very, very old, as you might have guessed. The city I'm in is Birmingham and it is one of the largest cities I have ever lived in. It is not the size of New York City at all, but it is still a sight to see. The homes are all really old and you have both the posh and the really poor. There are all sorts of people here. We have the largest population of Pakistanis in the world outside of Pakistan. Then there are the Polish people, there are loads of Polish here and most of them still don't speak English very well so it is hard when you go tracting to tract into them and share a message with them. Then we have Hungarians, Romanians and all sorts of Muslim people and there are even a few African Jamaicans and then you have the other original English people. As you might be able to tell there is a lot of diversity! It's a big melting pot because there is a little bit of everything. Oh, and the people here in England love Americans! They think it is so cool to meet Americans and they think you know all the famous people like 50 cent and other people like that, so basically they idolize you. Then the icing on th cake is I said I'm from New York and their eyes just widen and they think oh, New York City. They have no concept of an upper state even being there, all they can think of is the city. It's kinda cool. I try and explain it to them but they just cannot get it. Well the food here is good. I already have a dinner appointment (D.A.) where we had chicken tika marsala, or however you say that. It was my First D.A. since being here. I still have yet to have fish and chips, but the members here are very quick to offer you squash, sweets and biscuits. Ok, ok - I know your wondering what's with the Squash. It's a sort of juice they have here that is better than any other juice I have ever had in my life. It's very concentrated so you pour in 1/10 of this concentrated juice and then 9/10 water, or aqua as they say here. A lot of things over here contain aqua not water....go figure. Anyway the language is different. The Brummies have a very thick accent and sometimes it is hard to understand them. Often I just have to look at my companion and ask him what they just said. My companion has been out for 18 months and has spent half of his mission in Wales. He is very good. We still have to look at the map seeing as how he was only in the area 2 weeks previous to me being here. But we manage to find our way around this big city. He is from Indiana and is a really hard worker! By the way, I don't think that I will be spending any money on a bike right now because one of the members said he will give me a bike for free, which is very nice of him!
Well I have to go soon because we have to get back. I have a Safari Park adventure to go to with some of the members right now!!! I'm excited! It's in Dudley. By the way, on Sunday we confirmed a recent baptism. We also have a baptism set for the 4th of July. We just committed her to a baptismal date yesterday after we finished teaching her!!! We hope to have 2 more next week!
Things are going very well here. I love England even though I'm very tired all the time. I think I'll make it!!!
Glad to hear your all doing well there. I love you and miss you.
Elder Brett Brooksby

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jared's Finished his Eagle Project!

Jared and Troop 101 built bat houses on May 30th. Yesterday the bat houses were taken to Indian Meadows and put up. We're happy to have his Ealge Project finished! You can see pictures if you go to

Friday, June 20, 2008

Brett Arrives in England Today

Last night we got to talk to Brett. He called from the airport. He could only talk for a half-hour, but it was nice to be able to ask some of our questions and FINALLY get some answers. He's not really good at answering questions. We found out that he had received his greenie package, and he's received a couple of snail mail letters. He has received all of the Dear Elder letters and all of our e-mails. He was going to sit by Sister Moffatt on the flight from SLC to Paris. Hopefully that will be a good thing. I can hardly wait to hear how things are going and how he likes England.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brett Leaves Tomorrow Night

I just spoke to the person in charge of Brett's travel. He said that Brett will be leaving at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow on a non-stop flight from SLC to Paris, France. From there he will fly to Birmingham. He also said that Brett will be traveling with the mission president's wife. She had been in Utah attending either a marriage or funeral, he couldn't remember which one. So Brett will be picked up in Birmingham by the mission president when he comes to pick-up his wife. Hopefully we'll get to talk to him from the airport before he leaves.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brett Got His Visa!!

We got an e-mail from Brett today saying that he got his visa. He's going to Provo to sign it, and said that he'd be leaving before the end of the week. We're so happy that it's finally come and that he will actually be able to go to England after all.

Jared's in the middle of taking Regents exams. He didn't have any today, but does Wednesday, Thursday, and next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then he's done. Lauren's exams begin this Thursday, which means that is when the half-days of school also begin.

Glen is stuck in Washington D.C. at the moment and really hoping that his 9:40 p.m. flight will get him home tonight. With all the bad weather in the Northeast flights have been a mess. I'll cross my fingers!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Baby in the Worthen Family

Congratulations to Jami and Josh Braun on the birth of their daughter Kallan Jean. She was born at 3:19 a.m. on July 14. She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and is 19 inches long. She and Oliver Sadler (Andrew and Wendy's baby) share the same birthdate a year apart. So - Happy Birthday to Oliver too!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Salt Lake City South Mission for ???

Today Brett went to the Salt Lake City South mission to serve while he's waiting for his visa. We only have the mission home address because we haven't heard from Brett yet. That address is: 8060 South 615 East,Sandy, Utah 84070.

Jared's Eagle Project is just about done. All he needs to do is hang the built and painted bat houses at Indian Meadows, write it up, and then he should be an Eagle Scout! Saturday was Seminary graduation, so we enjoied ourselves this morning when we got to sleep in one whole extra hour. Exams begin at the end of this week for Jared. I'm just about out of days when the kids are at school for the whole day. Jared also has his tennis banquet tomorrow night.

Lauren begins her exams mid-week next week. At that point she only has half-days of school left. She had her final band and choral concert last week. School is really winding down. On to review packets. Oh the joy!

Glen is in Suffolk, VA today through Thursday night. Reviews and stuff.

I'm keeping it all together - although not so well. I coughed (I've had a cold) and threw my back out again. Ouch!