Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lake George

Today was the last day of the season that the Mohican did it's 5 hour total Lake George cruise.  We decided to seize the moment, and went.

Lauren and I got up early so we could leave by 7:00am to get there by 8:00am.  The ship left at 8:30am.

The cruise went from Lake George Village all the way up to Ticonderoga.  32 miles of absolutely beautiful scenery and amazing mansions that they call "camps"!

We stayed inside the boat most of the time.  It was overcast and cool in the morning, but warmed up as the day progressed and ended up being perfect.

This is where the boat stops in Bolton Landing.  They were supposed to pick-up some bicyclists, but they weren't there.  We did pick-up five at the Ticonderoga stop though.

Lauren and I decided that we'd love to go para-sailing and that maybe that's what we should ask for on our next birthdays.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Film Night at Tanglewood with John Williams

For Mother's Day Glen gave me tickets to Tanglewood. We'd gone last year and enjoyed it so much that he thought it would be nice to take Jared and Lauren as well.
We got there with plenty of time to eat our picnic dinner and wander the grounds.  It is truly a beautiful place and the weather was perfect!

Not a great picture, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like inside the Koussevitzky Music Shed.

The grounds there were absolutely beautiful.  We walked down by the Seiji Ozawa Hall and took these pictures there.  It is smaller than the shed, but indoors so they do concerts later into the Fall than they do in the shed.
What an enjoyable day!  And I loved sharing it with Glen and Jared and Lauren.  Thanks!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hartford Temple Groundbreaking Ceremony

We had the opportunity to go to the Hartford Temple groundbreaking ceremony today.
Here's a painting of what the temple will look like.
 I love how they've incorporated some New England architectural features.  It will be beautiful!

Maria Standage came with us because her family is in Alaska and couldn't be there.

We were sitting in the sun and it was HOT!!! I felt sorry for all the men in suits!
An unexpected surprise was that President Thomas S. Monson was there. It was great to get to see him. 

All of the Stake Presidents got to turn over a shovel of dirt.  Glen went in place of our stake president.

What a wonderful opportunity to go and be present at the dedication of the temple site. It will be nice to have a temple closer
- even if it's only an half-hour closer.