Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peerless Pool

Peerless Pool in Saratoga Spa State Park is an awesome pool. It has a zero-depth entry that makes it nice if you have younger children as well as older ones. And it lets you get wet inch by inch, if that's the kind of torture you prefer.  We decided to go last Wednesday. It was a perfect day - hot enough that you wanted to hop in the pool. Even if it was REALLY cold!

Stacy spent the night after Mutual on Tuesday and we decided we'd
go to the Peerless Pool since we hadn't been there yet this summer.

Along with the main pool there is a separate slide pool with a 
19' double slide as well as a kiddie pool.  If you look close
you can see Stacy and Lauren at the top waiting to go down the slides.

Lauren went down one slide. 

And Stacy went down the other.
I only wish I could have gotten them both in the same picture.

A picnic with Subway all added up to a really fun day.