Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Since our last posting was on Columbus Day, it's only fitting that this posting involve Columbus Circle. That would be where we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

For the first time in many years we went to the city for the parade this year. We were concerned that it might rain, but the weather held out for us. In fact, we didn't see any rain until we were walking from the train to our car for the ride home. ***Whew!***

We drove down on Wednesday, parking on 68th St. and enjoyed the day in the city. Half of the fun of going to NYC is driving in it, getting lost, getting cut off by other drivers and trying to figure out how to get where you're going as you drive in the madness.

We walked and we walked and we walked around the city. We had lunch in Central Park in Sheep Meadow. Then we walked to FAO Schwartz, then down 5th Avenue to the Empire State Building. There we went up to the observation level. It was fun, beautiful and cold. Seeing the city at night from that height was really fun, but did I mention it was windy and COLD?

Back at ground level we walked to Macy's, then Times Square for a Jamba Juice and dinner at the Roxy Deli. For anyone going to the Roxy, plan on huge portions. Next we took the subway back up to Central Park West and 81st St. where we waited in and enormous line with a huge crowd of people to see the balloons that would be used in the parade on Thursday. That part was ok, but to anyone else making the trip, I can't say it was worth the wait at the end of a very tiring day. Finally we walked - again - to our car and drove to our hotel in Secaucus, NJ.

On Thursday morning, we drove to the Secaucus Junction station and took a train into the city. I don't mind driving in NYC, but not on Thanksgiving day when all the roads are re-routed. We then took the subway to Columbus Circle where we watched the parade. It is very difficult to find a good place to see without arriving at 4AM. The spot from which we watched was actually across Broadway from Central Park West where the parade was marching. However, it was close enough to see and we had no one in front of us. It's possible we saw more from there than we would have up close with a dozen people in front of us.

Riding the subway on Thursday was an experience in an of itself. The trains were packed so full that there was nowhere to move. I mean nowhere. "Packed like sardines" only begins to describe it. What a riot!

After it was all done we took the subway, train and van home, stopping at the Ramapo rest stop for our sumptuous Thanksgiving feast of Quiznos and Dunkin Donuts. Now we're home and hope to rest our aching feet. It's the stuff that memories are made of.

It was fun but we missed having our other kids, and grandkid, with us. Of course our family is what we are most thankful for on Thanksgiving.